Solving Painting Problems On Your IPad with ARTSTUDIO Draw & Paint App | Ken and Stephanie Goldman

Ken Goldman 

Stephanie Goldman

All Levels Welcome

Mondays, Sept. 23 and 30

Using the iPad app called ArtStudio–Draw and Paint and a projector (with a large screen so everyone can follow along), Stephanie and Ken will teach you the basic tools they use for conceiving new artistic ideas and troubleshooting problem paintings. After all, wouldn’t you rather solve a troublesome painting issue on your iPad rather than possibly ruining an original? In the first class (week one), you will learn all the tools through actual practice on a couple of abstract artworks emailed to everyone beforehand. During the second class (week two) we will review the tools again and take a deeper dive into one or two of your own paintings (a group critique/problem-solving session of sorts). When the two days are over, you will have a new problem-solving tool that can engage you anywhere, anytime—inside or outside of your studio. Amazing, constructive and fun! ArtStudio–Draw and Paint is like having portable photo-shop on your iPad.


Mondays, 1–4 PM

September 23 and 30 (2 weeks, 6 total hours of instruction)

AAC Art Studio


MATERIALS: Your iPad; charging cord; iPad stylus (Bring whichever stylus you are using now, or try the stylus we are currently using—Meko Precision stylus (two for $14.98 with six replacement tips.)

App: ArtStudio–Draw and Paint app for iPad (Make sure you choose the $4.99 ArtStudio—Draw and Paint version for iPad. The iPhone version is strictly sized for the iPhone. Do not get the free ArtStudio LITE. There is also a more expensive version called Artstudio Pro, but this class will not go over or review this professional version.)

Other: notepad; pen or pencil. Make sure you upload at least a couple of images you’d like to problem-solve into your iPad camera roll before coming to class.

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