Hands And Feet For All Levels – Online – Ken Goldman

Beginner – Advanced

  • Monday, July 6-August 10

    6 weeks, 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Hands And Feet For All Levels – Online

Course Overview:

Students will learn how to draw hands and feet in a simplified way following a color-coded anatomical section in Ken’s most recent book, Drawing Hands and Feet. Ken will approach this challenging but fun subject from two directions: a “structural approach” (using simplified forms: blocks, cylinders and spheres) and a “direct seeing approach” (seeing shapes rather than things using contour drawing). For subject matter, students will use images from Ken’s book and their own and fellow-students’ hands and feet, from life or from iPhone/iPad photos. Throughout the course, Ken will demonstrate essential hand/foot elements and will provide educational videos for further practice at home.

 Mondays, 1–4 PM

July 6–August 10 (6 Weeks, 18 Total Hours of Instruction)



 We are pleased to offer this class online using Zoom video conferencing. This mimics, as closely as possible, what normally happens in our classrooms at the Athenaeum. In this time when many of us are experiencing anxiety and isolation, this format allows us to continue to provide enriching experiences of artistic growth and community building.

 The technology to make this happen is quite simple. You only need a computer (phone or tablet) with a camera, microphone, and internet connection and we are here to help you should you experience any technical difficulties.

 Once you register, look for an email with more information and detailed instructions in the week preceding the class start date.

 Stay safe and be well! And thank you for your continued support of our school.


MATERIALS: 11” x 14” or 18” x 24” (depending on the size of your work space) Strathmore 400 Series top-bound drawing pads: white and  “Toned Tan”; 3/16” regular foam core (cut board one inch larger than your pad); four bulldog clips; graphite mechanical pencil holder with 2mm 4B lead and refills; medium-hard (2B) charcoal pencil (Conté, Ritmo, Prang, or General); soft or extra-soft vine charcoal. White #630, Sanguine #610, Sepia #617, and Black #1710 medium Conté pencils; kneaded eraser; plastic mechanical eraser

Register For Class Through the Athenaeum

Mondays, 1–4 PM

April 27–June 15

(8 Weeks, 24 total hours of instruction)

Online via Zoom

$385/405 (includes model)

Instructors Work

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