54. Head Construction and Portraiture Live | Ken & Stephanie Goldman


Beginner – Advanced
April 4 – May 9 (6 weeks, 18 hours of instruction)

Tuesdays @ 1:00-4:00pm   AAC Art Studio

$280 Members / $300 non-members

Head Construction and Portraiture

Course Overview:

This is a unique opportunity to study with two accomplished and warmhearted artist-educators in the same course. Ken and Stephanie are both well known for their ability to help each person find their own unique drawing abilities. Intermediate or advanced students can use any medium they choose while beginners are urged to begin with charcoal or graphite on newsprint paper. The images students will be drawing from will consist of a mixture of live models and large projected instructional images on a white wall. This combination of using digital images and live models together is a new approach to teaching live classes that Ken and Stephanie believe you will find even more educational than working with a live model only. 

For the first three weeks, Ken will introduce the class to basic head construction: Week 1. How to construct a simplified skull in various positions, generalized head proportions and where to add a few of the most important facial muscles that determine the shapes of the facial planes. Week 2. Continued practice of head construction in various angles including the best way to solve foreshortening. Week 3. A time-tested way to begin portraits, how to achieve solidity when shading them, and where to place the final subtle value adjustments and accents.  

For the final three weeks, Stephanie will continue to build on Ken’s head construction segment by setting up longer poses where students will have time to incorporate those basics (working from the general to specific) into an actual process of drawing or painting a more finished portrait including various approaches to shading. Stephanie will also discuss different lighting options anddemonstrate the structure and volumetric shading of each of the five features: The eyes, ears, nose, mouth and neck (plus hair). 



You do not need to buy everything on this list. Only buy materials that relate to the medium you plan to work with, or if you are more advanced, bring your own supplies. On day one you will only need newsprint, a drawing board, vine charcoal, kneaded eraser, and one colored pastel for accents. 

Charcoal:  Soft vine charcoal; 4B charcoal pencil, kneaded Eraser, smooth newsprint and a drawing board. Rags or paper towels.  If you prefer graphite: 2B, 4B, and 6B graphite pencils; kneaded eraser; 18˝ x 24˝ drawing pad or 18˝ x 24˝ smooth newsprint and a drawing board. 

Register For Class Through the Athenaeum

Tuesdays, 1–4 PM

April 4–May 9 (6 weeks, 18 total hours of instruction)

AAC Studio

$280 members/300 non-members (includes model)

Instructors Work

Pn and ink figure pen and ink sketch
stephanie goldmanfineart_zara sketch 24x18
stephanie_goldman_Blue Hat_Watercolor _16x12
stephanie goldmanfineart_head study, charcoal 24x18

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