Three murals were commissioned for the Hallways and main area.

The Beauty of Caring, 4ft. x 16ft., is an original six panel acrylic painting (sizes of each panel vary) depicting children and adults caring for their pets, gardens and one another.

The Early Golden State is a 4ft. x 16ft. three panel painting (each is 5ft. long) celebrating California’s fauna, flora, marine life and Native Americans. Above sea level, the fauna and flora include Pelicans, Condors, Quail, Poppies Red Maid and Yucca. Marine life such as Garibaldi, Calico Bass, Dolphins Gray Whales and Sea Lions, thrive in fertile Kelp beds.


A Child’s World of Wonder, 4ft. x 8ft., engages the viewer in a child’s fantastical world of imagined animal shaped clouds, animal shaped topiaries and the simple pleasure of care-free childhood.