Stephanie Goldman Acrylics

What Is Life – Series

There is a beautiful song by George Harrison titled What is Life? It is a question that asks for earnest contemplation. I believe George puts the answer inside the lyrics of the song, as the word LOVE is written 13 times. 
I created this series to capture the many gestures a human being would make while examining an ineffable question. 
The man is naked, suggesting the solemnity and vulnerability that accompanies the act of solitary contemplation. 
Kenneth Clark wrote in his book, The Nude, “to be naked is to be deprived of our clothes, and the word implies some of the embarrassment which most of us feel in that condition.” Nudity levels the playing field and allows the questioner to consider deeply the question at hand with out regard to status, time or place. This painting is one in a series titled What is Life?