102. The Human Figure and Portraiture on Zoom.

Ken and Stephanie Goldman


Tuesdays, 9:30 AM–12:30 PM

April 4 – May 9 (6 Weeks, 12 Total Hours of Instruction)


$225 members/245 non-members

    102. The Human Figure and Portraiture on Zoom

    Ken and Stephanie Goldman

    Course Overview:

    This is a unique opportunity to study with two accomplished and warmhearted artist-educators in the same class. Ken and Stephanie are both well known for their ability to help each person find their own unique drawing abilities. For the first four weeks you will study with Ken and the last four weeks, with Stephanie.

    This online class offers a time-tested, basic approach to painting and drawing the human figure or portrait using carefully selected, high-resolution videos and photographs of clothed or nude models. In addition, masterful works by other artists (past and present) will be used for further instruction and inspiration.

    There will be long and short poses from which you will learn to simplify forms into spheres, cylinders, and cubes and create the illusion of three-dimensionality with directional shading.

    The nuances of the five main features—eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and neck—will be broken down and discussed, with videos and notes of each sent to your email.

    Beginners are encouraged to work in pencil, charcoal, and pan pastel, while those with more experience may work in other mediums, such as watercolor, acrylics, or oils. All levels are welcome, as instruction and demonstrations are given on both an individual and group basis.


    MATERIALS: Since this is an online class, just use the materials you are already comfortable with. You do not need to buy anything on this list. It is just a suggestion: the simpler the better.

    For gestures, you need only newsprint; a drawing board (a piece of 3/16” thick foam-core drawing support cut to 19” x 25”, with four bulldog clips); very soft vine charcoal; a kneaded eraser; and one-color pastel for accents.

    Suggested Optional Materials by Medium:

    Graphite: two mechanical pencils (a 2 mm mechanical holder with 4B leads and a 0.5 mechanical pencil with 2B leads); kneaded eraser; blending stump; small sanding block; rag; drawing pad, 18” x 24”, Strathmore 300 Series (or any brand you have); drawing support mentioned above.

    Charcoal: 4B charcoal pencil; softest vine charcoal; rags or Viva paper towels; kneaded eraser.

    Pastel: soft vine charcoal; NuPastel, box of 96 pieces; Canson-brand pastel paper, #429, 426, or 431; foam-core drawing board cut one inch larger than your paper, with four bulldog clips.

    Beginning Watercolor: One tube each Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna paint for first session; more colors if you have them. (Additional colors will be discussed at first meeting.) Large covered Woods or Pike palette or your favorite travelling palette; a #12 pointed and 1” flat brush; facial tissues; Arches or other good quality paper (no Strathmore student-grade watercolor paper).

    Oil: up to 18” x 24” canvas board (prime with single light wash of Golden Acrylic Gray Value #6); Robert Simmons filbert brushes #2, 4, 8, 12; Gamsol odorless mineral spirits with container; Liquin; Viva paper towels; disposable paper, wood or glass palette (plastic palette saver to store them); Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Permalba White paint for first session; if experienced, also bring a warm and cool of each primary color or whatever colors you normally use.

    Acrylic: same as oils, except no mineral spirits, just a container for water.

    Register For Class Through the Athenaeum

    Tuesdays, 9:30 AM–12:30 PM

    April 4  – May 9 (6 Weeks, 12 Total Hours of Instruction)


    $225 members/245 non-members

    Instructors Work

    Ken Goldmanfinear_Figures cubed, Graphite 24x18
    A Touch of Red (Serenity)_Acrylic on paper_30x22
    Ken Goldmanfineart_Back View, Charcoal/Pastel 24x18.
    stephanie goldmanfineart_Portrait sketch_Charcoal_24x18
    Stephanie Goldmanfineart Two Children, Oil, 20x16 SoldJPG
    stephanie goldmanfineart_Nose Sketch_Graphite 24x18 copy

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