103. Drawing from the Masters—

– ONLINE | Ken & Stephanie Goldman


    • Tuesdays, 9:30 AM–11:30 AM

      January 23  – February 27  (6 weeks, 12 Total Hours of Instruction)


    • $200/220

103. Drawing from the Masters – ONLINE

Course Overview:

This is a unique opportunity to study with two accomplished and warmhearted artist-educators in the same course. Ken and Stephanie are both well known for their ability to help each person find their own unique drawing abilities

For the first three weeks, Stephanie will introduce you to well-founded drawing techniques by working from carefully selected high-quality past and present master drawings. Beginners are encouraged to start out with pencil or charcoal, while those with more experience may work in other mediums of their choosing.

During the last three weeks, Ken will introduce color theory and watercolor into the mix by teaching you how to construct simplified portraits without noodling out details and how to paint clothed figures as simple dynamic well-designed shapes.

All levels are welcome because instruction and demonstrations are given on an individual and group basis.

Course Materials:


  • Strathmore 400 or Stonehenge drawing paper (Or paper of your choice)

  • Graphite Pencils 2mm, 4B, 2B and 2H.

  • Optional: Cretacolor 5.6mm Lead Holder, Cretacolor Nero Black Lead Soft, and/or 9B-for intense darks, (mechanical pencils are recommended they are easier to sharpen).

  • Sharpener, craft knife and sanding block

  • Kneaded eraser, Tombow mechanical eraser or eraser pencil

  • Stump or tissue for blending

  • Clean unused soft bristle brush

Register For Class Through the Athenaeum

Tuesdays, 9:30 AM–11:30 AM
January 23–February 27
(6 Weeks, 12 total hours of instruction)

Instructor Gallery

Stephanie_Goldman_Theme_Giclee_The Prophet - 15
Ken Goldmanfineart_Pauolo Cristobal, Oil 40x30 - Giclee Available
stephanie goldmanfineart_Nose Sketch_Graphite 24x18 copy
Ken Goldmanfineart_20 Minute Figure Study 3, Watercolor 10x8 Sold
Ken Goldmanfineart_Back View, Charcoal/Pastel 24x18.
Ken Goldmanfineart_10 minute Back view_Watercolor_11x7, SOLD

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